Why Raw?

Instinct Raw is Right for cats and dogs

Why Raw?

At Nature’s Variety, we believe raw is the best nutrition for dogs and cats. Our philosophy about raw food inspires everything we do and every product we make. We know that when dogs and cats are nourished as nature intended, they will thrive. Here are some of the reasons we believe so strongly in the power of raw…

Dogs and cats are meat-eaters, raw is what nature intended

  • Raw is the most natural form of pet nutrition
  • Raw mirrors what pets would eat in nature; it is biologically appropriate
  • Quite simply, dogs and cats love eating raw

Raw is full of natural goodness

  • Raw is never cooked
  • Raw contains pure, whole food ingredients for optimal nutrient absorption
  • Raw contains natural enzymes for digestive health
  • Raw provides nutrition in its purest form – proteins, vitamins, and minerals are ready for the body to utilize

Instinct Raw is leading the movement toward better pet health through raw nutrition

  • Instinct Raw requires no mixing or measuring, and certainly no cooking!
  • Instinct Raw is complete and balanced
  • Instinct Raw is available in convenient forms for any dog or cat
  • Instinct Raw is available in eight proteins to provide a variety of healthy choices
  • Instinct Raw uses High Pressure Processing to ensure safety without cooking the food
  • Instinct Raw can be served in combination with kibble and/or cans