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Picture of Dog Named Flynn Standing on a Rock
Picture of Dog Named Flynn Standing on a Beach


The one thing I could not seem to get right with Flynn was his diet. I thought his food might not be sitting well with him, so we tried another brand. And another. And another. I was beyond frustrated that I couldn't figure out what the problem was.

When Flynn was about a year and a half, his health started declining. He had nonstop ear infections, itchy skin and began vomiting on a daily basis. He finally stopped eating, and dropped down to 83 pounds. He had no muscle tone, his coat was dull and was displaying anxious behaviors. At the time, I was also going through some health problems. I also couldn't digest food properly, and like Flynn always felt sick and had no energy. We both had reached our medical rock bottom.

After talking to my manager about Flynn's problems she highly suggested that I try raw. So I took a leap of faith! After a bit of encouragement to try something new and unfamiliar, he licked his bowl clean. The best part was the next morning when he had a perfectly formed, small dog size poop! I couldn't believe my eyes, and never in my life have been more excited about dog poop.

Almost immediately he began to fill out, his coat started to shine, the tartar on his teeth disappeared, and his separation anxiety vanished.

Watching Flynn's dietary success, I decided to change my own diet and see if it helped with my symptoms. Five years later, Flynn is a healthy 110 lbs and I am in complete remission from ulcerative colitis. I believe Flynn came into my life for a reason, and ultimately he saved it. I am eternally grateful to Instinct for proving us with a quality product that is so easy to feed, and works such miracles for so many animal's health.

From pet parent Erika from Grand Junction, Colorado

Picture of Dog Named Flynn Standing on a Beach
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