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Picture of a Dog Named Augie by Lake
Picture of a Dog Named Augie sitting on Grass


Since rescue, I've pulled my hair out trying to find out what Augie can eat without getting sick. He's been on many different high-grade foods without success. It would work for a couple of weeks and he would get digestive problems again. Augie has been to the ER several times and gotten very sick.

Since going raw with Instinct, he's having great stools and is the healthiest he's ever been!

Even within the raw brands Augie does the best with Instinct Raw Beef Patties. It makes going raw for a very busy, working, dog-mom possible. Augie and I can't thank you enough for all of your great products.

From pet parent Sandy from Yonkers, New York

Picture of a Dog Named Augie sitting on Grass
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