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Raw Longevity Landing Page

Raw Longevity Landing Page

A little longer means a lot™
Instinct® Raw Longevity™
About our most advanced raw recipes
  • GUARANTEED NUTRITION: Customized recipes for puppy, kitten, adult and adult 7+, available in a variety of proteins 
  • RAW NUTRITION: Every recipe supports heart, immune, gut and skin & coat health
  • ENHANCED RAW RECIPES: Protein packed with a rainbow of vegetables and fruits to provide key nutrients your pet needs to stay healthy
  • CRAFTED WITH PURPOSE: Crafted by our pet nutrition scientists
  • BACKED BY SCIENCE: 10 years of research of over 16,000 dogs conducted by the University of Helsinki
Learn about the forms
Frozen Raw Meals

The best of raw nutrition—minimally processed, never cooked recipes for the most transformative nutrition. Store in the freezer until mealtime. 

Freeze-Dried Raw Meals

The same recipe as our frozen raw meals, but freeze-dried for convenience; freeze-dried raw is shelf-stable!

Raw Meal Blends

20% raw is an important minimum threshold for the benefits of raw. Get started on raw with our 20% Freeze-Dried Raw Meal Blend.

Recipes for Dogs & Cats of All Life Stages