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Our Ingredients

Our Ingredients

Our Ingredients

We think real ingredients are our most powerful tool for maximizing our pets' wellbeing. For us, where every ingredient comes from is important and every ingredient we include in our recipes must have a purpose. And sometimes, what we don't include in our pet food matters even more. Learn what it means to Feed What's Real® by seeing the difference ingredients make in our pet nutrition.

Real Benefits, Naturally Derived

Real meats, whole fruits and vegetables, coconut oil, apple cider vinegar and turmeric are just some of the ingredients we use to provide naturally derived nutrients and enzymes that contribute to the overall wellness, immune and digestive health, lean muscles and healthy skin & coat.

Pure Protein from Animal Sources

When it comes to protein, we think the source matters. All of our recipes start with animal protein – we believe that should be the primary source of protein, not peas or potatoes. Animal protein provides all the essential amino acids your pet needs – something that vegetable protein alone can't provide. Our commitment to our raw philosophy can be seen in all that we do – that's why we put real meat first or include pure, minimally processed, raw in every bowl of kibble.

Photo of Instinct® Raw Pet Food Ingredients
Made Without

Our recipes are free of corn, wheat, soy, potato, and other common ingredients that cause food sensitivities. We don't believe in using fillers – we think every ingredient should have a nutritional and functional purpose.

No Artificial Colors, Flavors or Preservatives

Because we believe that every ingredient should have a purpose - and one that's beneficial to our pets - we choose not to include any artificial colors in our foods. We'd rather stick with what's completely natural. And completely necessary. When it is necessary to preserve our product, we do so naturally. That's why our dry kibble uses mixed tocopherols and citric acid to create a potent natural preservative that also delivers Vitamin E.

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Made in the USA with the Finest Ingredients from around the world

We’re proud that all of our foods are Made in the USA. We make our raw recipes – including the freeze-dried raw that is included on our dry kibble – in our company- owned facility in Lincoln, Nebraska. We strive to source our ingredients from the U.S. where possible, but our first priority is superior quality. That’s why our grass-fed lamb and venison are sourced from New Zealand and our farm-raised rabbit is from France. We hold ourselves, and our suppliers, to the highest standards.

Responsible Sourcing

Not only do we want to know where our food comes from but we also think it’s important to know how it was grown or raised before it gets to us. That’s why we source ingredients like cage-free chicken, grass-fed lamb, and wild-caught salmon as well as non-GMO fruits and vegetables for our raw diets. We have choices when it comes to sourcing and we believe the choices we make matter.

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Taking great ingredients and making the best nutrition

We want to do everything we can to unlock our pet’s potential to thrive and that means carefully considering the role of every ingredient and how they work together to nourish and fuel our pets. It also means constantly learning from the experts in pet wellness and nutrition. We formed our Nutrition Council in 2009 as a way of challenging and bettering all of our ingredient and recipe choices. Made up of pet nutritionists, vets, R&D experts, and other passionate pet parents, our Nutrition Council meets twice a year to ensure that we’re doing everything we can to redefine better in pet food.

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