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Instinct Raw Frozen Pet Food

Instinct Raw Frozen Pet Food

The Choice is Raw. Instinct Raw.

Food is one of the most important choices you can make for your pet. Instinct isn’t like other pet foods; rather than a long list of complicated ingredients, Instinct Raw is made with real meat, fruit, and vegetables. A healthier and happier life can start with simple changes to your pet’s diet – and The Choice is Raw™.

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Instinct® Raw Pet Food Ingredients

Raw is reimagined pet food with only essential ingredients that are never cooked (like other pet foods) to keep all those life-changing nutrients intact for better nutrition.

With No

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Fruits &

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No Artificial
Colors, Flavors or

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3x More
Real Meat &

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For Raw

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What is Raw?

Raw pet food is real food that gets to stay pure, real and natural. It's better and healthier
food for your pet without any compromises.

Real, Natural
Bowl of Instinct® Raw Frozen Pet Food

Raw pet food is made with real, natural ingredients

Simply put—it’s raw meat, fruits, vegetables and the wholesome ingredients your pet needs in a complete & balanced meal. It’s how pet food should be made, with real ingredients you can recognize.

Frozen for

The benefits of raw pet food.

Here are the most common changes pet parents have seen with their pets*:

  • Better Digestion
  • Increased Energy & Vitality
  • Improved Skin & Coat
  • Relief From Food Sensitivities
  • Weight Improvement
  • Smaller, Firmer #2s
  • Picky Eater Approved
  • Increased Mealtime Excitement

* Benefits reported by Instinct raw frozen customers. Benefits reflect customer observations & opinions related to their pet. Actual benefits could vary depending on your pet. Results are not guaranteed.



Picture of Dog eating Instinct® Pet food
See the difference raw food made for these pets.

Raw impacts each pet's health differently from a change to their day-to-day life, body composition, energy levels to a change in their long term health. See what happened when these pets tried raw.


Our Raw Frozen Pet Food

Instinct Raw

For Dogs | For Cats

Other Ways to Feed Raw

In addition to frozen raw, raw pet food can be freeze-dried which is another alternative to cooking, keeping nutrients intact. Freeze-dried raw can be found on the shelf and stored in a pantry.

Freeze-Dried Raw Meals

Raw meals freeze-dried for
convenience; an easy upgrade
from kibble.

For Dogs | For Cats
Bowl of Instinct® Raw Freeze-Dried Pet Food
Kibble + Raw

Protein packed kibble
combined with freeze-dried
raw bites—a better way to
feed kibble

For Dogs | For Cats
Bowl of Instinct® Kibble Plus Raw Pet Food
Raw Toppers

An easy way to add raw to
any food for protein, taste
and nutrition

For Dogs | For Cats
Bowl of Instinct® Raw Mixers Pet Food
Raw Coated Kibble

Kibble coated with
freeze-dried raw; added for
taste & nutrition

For Dogs | For Cats
Bow of Instinct® Raw Coated Pet Food
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