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Instinct Raw Freeze-Dried Meals

Instinct Raw Freeze-Dried Meals

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Upgrade from kibble to freeze-dried raw
Instinct® Raw Freeze-Dried Meals

Minimally processed, pure, complete nutrition of raw in a convenient freeze-dried form that’s ready to scoop and serve.

Raw Meat and Vegetables Pet Food Ingredients
100% Raw Meals

We preserve the integrity of our ingredients by keeping them raw – not cooked – leaving nutrients intact.

100% Raw Meals Graphic

Instinct Raw® Freeze-Dried Meals have 3x more real meat and organs than kibble* for more animal protein and flavor in each bite.

*Compared to Instinct® Original kibble

Pieces of Raw Chicken
Complete Nutrition

Made with real meat and organs, vegetables, fruits vitamins & minerals for a complete & balanced meal your pet is guaranteed to enjoy.

Bowl of Instinct® Freeze-Dried Raw Pet Food
Freeze-Dried Raw Meals
Freeze-Dried Raw Meals
tailored for growing kittens