What is Raw?

What is Raw?Instinct Raw

Instinct Raw Frozen Diets are formulated like the ancestral diet of dogs and cats with 95% meat, organs, and raw ground bone, and with 5% wholesome fruits and vegetables. Dogs and cats are meat eaters by nature.  Food consisting primarily of raw meat, organ meats, bone, and fat reflects what your pet would eat in its natural habitat.  Dogs and cats thrive on a diet rich in nutritious, raw meat. 

A grain-free, raw food diet is not medicine, it's just common sense.  After all, when was the last time you saw your pets cooking their food in the back yard before they ate it?  Think about it...when you eat unprocessed & natural food, you feel healthier and happier – you have more energy, you have fewer aches and pains, you sleep better at night, etc.  Our pets are no different.  They need healthy and natural foods, too.  Feed them as nature intended and be prepared for a transformation in your pet's overall health!

Instinct Raw Forms

Instinct Raw is offered in various forms, including easy-to-serve medallions, patties, and bites!  Choose the form and flavor that best suits your pet's size and preferences.Nature's Variety Instinct Raw forms

Pure Ingredients

Lamb, Lamb Liver, Raw Ground Lamb Bone, Lamb Heart, Lamb Kidney, Apples, Carrots...nothing but pure, raw ingredients make Instinct Raw a truly healthy food for dogs and cats.  Additionally, our ingredients are held to the highest quality standards:

  • Chicken is certified organic or certified antibiotic-free with no added growth hormones*
  • Lamb and Venison are pasture-fed and antibiotic-free with no added growth hormones
  • Rabbit is antibiotic-free with no added growth hormones

*Federal regulations prohibit the use of hormones in poultry.

For more information on Nature's Variety's ingredients, sourcing, and importing, please visit the FAQ section on Nature's Variety.com

Scientifically Substantiated

Instinct Raw Frozen Diets are the 1st and only raw diets to be scientifically substantiated as complete and balanced for all life stages of dogs and cats through AAFCO Protocol Feeding Trials. 

Raw Food Benefits

Amazing transformational stories are submitted by our Instinct Raw customers every day. By feeding the diet intended by nature, you and your pet could experience these real results as well.

Instinct Raw Benefits

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