Nutrition Through Raw

“From the beginning, we knew that what we were doing was different. We knew that the nutrition of our raw diets was unmatched.”
- Reed Howlett, CEO

The Pure, Real Nutrition

of Raw in All That We Do

We took our belief in raw nutrition and asked ourselves – how can we incorporate
this into every food that we make? And eventually, we found a way.

Explore how raw can fit into your pets' routine.

Raw Starts Here

The Mindful

Choices We Make

We’re on a mission to transform the lives of pets. And if you ask us – it starts with food. Really, it starts with ingredients. The ingredient list on every one of our products is a testament to the careful, deliberate approach we take to crafting our food. Whether it’s frozen raw or kibble or cans, these are the choices we live by.

Free From

Our recipes are free of grain, gluten, corn, wheat and soy. And other common ingredients that cause food sensitivities. We don’t believe in using fillers – we think every ingredient should have a nutritional and functional purpose.

Pure Protein from Animal Sources

When it comes to protein, the source matters. We think protein should primarily come from pure animal sources, not peas or potatoes. Animal protein provides all the essential amino acids that pets need – something that vegetable protein alone can’t provide.

Real Benefits, Naturally-derived

We think real ingredients are our most powerful tool for maximizing our pets’ wellbeing. Real meats, whole fruits and vegetables, coconut oil and turmeric are just some of the ingredients we use to provide naturally-derived nutrients and enzymes that contribute to overall wellness, immune and digestive health, lean muscles, and healthy skin and coat.

No Artificial Colors, Flavors or Preservatives

Because we believe that every ingredient should have a purpose - and one that’s beneficial to our pets - we choose not to include any artificial or natural colors in our foods. We’d rather stick with what’s completely natural. And completely necessary. When it is necessary to preserve our product, we do so naturally. That’s why our dry kibble uses mixed tocopherols and citric acid to create a potent natural preservative that also delivers Vitamin E.

Responsible Sourcing

We want to know where our food comes from. And we set high standards for our suppliers to ensure that we never compromise on the integrity of our ingredients. We strive to source from the U.S. where possible, but our first priority is superior quality. That's why we source grass-fed lamb and venison from New Zealand and non-GMO fruits and vegetables – where our ingredients come from matters, but so does how they were grown or raised before they get to us.

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Made In

Lincoln, Nebraska

It all started with our raw diets. And since day one, our raw foods have been crafted by our team in Lincoln, Nebraska. Made in small batches in our company-owned facilities, our raw foods are minimally processed and held to the highest quality standards.

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Quality and Safety

We believe in doing everything we can to preserve the nutritional integrity of every ingredient in our foods. That’s why we draw many of our practices from the human food industry, holding ourselves to many of the same standards as the food we eat ourselves. That means following USDA and FDA regulations in our company-owned facilities and working with third-party inspectors and labs to ensure quality control. We are relentless about consistently raising the bar when it comes to quality – it’s why we use cold-pressure, and it’s why every single batch of our raw diets is tested to be quality assured safe before ever leaving our facilities.


and Never Cooked

We think that what we feed our pets should be whole and intact.

That’s why we preserve the integrity of our ingredients by never heating them or diminishing their nutrients.

We’re deeply committed to the quality of our products and the purity of our nutrition. That’s why we use High Pressure Processing (HPP) – instead of high heat – to ensure the safety of our raw diets.

Uses 5X More Pressure Than the Ocean Floor

HPP preserves food products using extremely high pressure. Hydraulic fluid (typically water) is placed in a chamber and pressurized. This pressure is transmitted through the package to the food itself.

Eliminates Bacteria

Harmful bacteria can’t survive under high pressure. HPP is a USDA-recognized anti-pathogen treatment.

Protects Nutrients

The pure, real nutrition of raw remains intact. Unlike cooking, HPP has minimal to no effects on nutritional value, vitamins, minerals or enzymes. And, taste and color are also preserved naturally.

100% Satisfaction


We stand behind all of our products with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. Please be assured that Instinct Raw is a high quality pet food that is safe and healthy for your pet.

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Instinct Transformations

Those who feed Instinct Raw see the benefits every single day. Read our testimonials to discover why real pet parents believe Instinct Raw is the best quality pet food available.

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